English Country Guardians is committed to the safety of students in our care.


Here are some key issues, what the terms mean and the policies and procedures that we operate to protect all members of English Country Guardians.  Click on the links or email  if you would like to read the full policy. We update our policies regularly in line with changes to UK legislation and best practices.  We work closely with AEGIS to ensure that our procedures are robust.

Privacy Policy

In the UK we are required by law to protect the privacy of the personal and sensitive data of all members of ECG.  How and why we use your data is explained in our Privacy Policy

DBS certificate

All members of ECG undergo a police and government department check to ensure they do not have a criminal record that would make them unsuitable to work with children.

Safeguarding & Child Protection

Safeguarding means protecting children from abuse, preventing harm to children’s health and development and ensuring that they have safe and effective care.


Child Protection are the methods used to protect young people. Our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy provides guidance for all members of ECG on how to keep students safe.  All members also receive regular Safeguarding training.


(Anti Radicalisation)

“Prevent” relates to safeguarding people and communities from the threat of terrorism.  ECG homestays provide a safe space for discussions, provide balanced political ideas and understand the duty to report any student they believe is at risk.  Prevent Policy


This means reporting information about, or an activity performed by, a member of ECG that is illegal, unethical or not appropriate within the framework of work conducted by ECG.  Whistleblowing Policy

Missing child policy

ECG maintains a very strict procedure before students are allowed to travel independently or to meet with friends or relatives.  Should a student appear to go missing, the Missing Child Policy outlines the procedures that ECG will follow.


“Online safety” means protecting students from risks when they are communicating via the internet.  The Online Safety Policy outlines the preventative measures taken by ECG, explains possible online risks,  how to recognise signs of abuse, and what ECG members should if online abuse is suspected.  

Complaints Form

Please contact us immediately if you have any complaint.  ECG will aim to resolve it immediately.  The Complaints Policy clearly outlines the procedure that will take place if the complaint is not dealt with informally.  If you prefer to write, please use the Complaint Form as a template.

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