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How do I know my child will be safe in the UK?

English Country Guardians are fully accredited by AEGIS and comply with UK child safety regulations.  Click on this link to see how we care for your child. 

Keeping students safe

Frequently asked questions

How many students do you care for?

You will think that we only care for one student.  Your child is the most important.

Each year we help our students gain entry to top universities including Oxford and Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Imperial and all the Russell Group. We have an outstanding knowledge of Music study and assist students applying to the top Music Conservatoires and Organ and Choral Scholarships at Oxbridge.  We also fully support students who wish to apply to Art Schools and Architecture Courses


By appointing an English Country Guardian you will have your own highly experienced Academic Mentor.  They will guide you and your child on how to achieve the best at each stage of their UK Education.  There is no additional charge for Academic Mentoring – this is all included in your Guardianship Fee.

I want my child to go to a top university. Can you help?

Can you help with transport to and from the airport?

We have a team of expert drivers who will meet your child and assist them with their luggage to and from the airport. All our drivers have taken UK safeguarding tests.  You know your child is safe when we arrange transport.


We provide a phone number so your child can easily contact us when they are travelling.


We can also arrange transport for parents and families when they visit the UK.

Your Guardian will be the “Responsible Adult” and your main contact in the UK.  They are based close to your child’s school.  The Guardian provides help and support for you and your child.

Your child will stay with a carefully selected Host Family when school is closed for exeat weekends or half term holidays.  They provide comfortable Homestay accommodation.


Click here to see more about Host Families

What is the difference between a Guardian and a Host Family?

You only book and pay for a host family when you need one.  Although many parents plan to spend all holidays with their children, there can be times when students will need to stay with a host family in the UK.  For example, many students like to arrive back in the UK a day early to recover from jet lag before returning to school.  This is especially important when they have exams.


Students sometimes need emergency homestay. For example, If your child is ill and it is not suitable for them to remain in the school medical centre or if School is closed due to bad weather or if your child is unable to fly home for any reason once school has closed. If this happens, we will always organise for your child to be cared for by one of our excellent Host Families.


Host families are only allocated to students once they are in the UK and we have met your child and understand their needs.  We carefully match your child to a suitable host family.

My child won’t need a Host Family as they will probably fly home each holiday.  Do they still need a host family?

All families are warmly invited to visit English Country Guardians. It can be reassuring to meet the people who will care for your child in the UK.

Can I meet the Guardian and the Host Family?

As soon as you have appointed an English Country Guardian, you will be assisted with everything you need for coming to the UK, for example, ordering school uniform and equipment.


Once your child arrives we will help with phones, pocket money and everything your child needs when they start school.  

There are a lot of things to organise before my child comes to the UK. Can you help me?

Yes.  English Country Guardians are available 24 hours each day.  We are close to your child’s school so can reach them quickly in the event of an emergency.


You and your child can contact us if they need anything.  We are always ready to help your child.  We realise that what may be a small issue, like a broken phone, will be a big problem to a student. 


For special occasions like birthdays we deliver cakes, flowers and balloons – whatever is required to make your child’s day extra special for them.

Can we ask you for help at any time?

Yes. Here is an Open Reference that was sent by a mother from China. Her daughter gained a place at Cambridge University.

Click here for reference


We are always happy to supply further references if required.

Please email us at

Can you give me a reference from another parent?

We can send you a list of accommodation that is close to your child’s school.

For families visiting Surrey and Kent, you may like to stay in our comfortable self-catering apartment. Click here for further details.

Where can we stay when we visit?

Please do not hesitate to ask us anything.  We will be happy to answer all your questions.


Please email your question to us at  

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