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" I thought that it was a very useful trip!  I got to meet so many new people and luckily became friends with all of them!  I really liked the city of Edinburgh and the scenery.  And the way that the whole trip was planned out had included everyone’s opinion.  It was very good! "

Lower Sixth Student

" I met many people from different schools, we communicated with each other about our different school lives, we shared our experiences about study to each other.  Meeting different people in my life I feel the world is so colourful, although we have different thinkings or even different culture, we are all getting better from the shadow of other person.  I must say homestay was a memorable time in my first term study. " 

Year 9 Student

Support for Students and Parents

To support and enhance your child’s understanding of British culture we organise group events and activities for students during weekends and half term holidays.

This is also a great way to meet international students from other boarding schools and countries


Typical Activities include:-

  • Sport – like ping pong, badminton, football, swimming.

  • Cooking – We teach each other how to cook.  Bring and share your own recipes!

  • Shopping – from big shopping malls to little local crafts shows.

  • Craft, Knitting, Origami and Board Games.

  • Parties – to celebrate student birthdays, public holidays in all countries like Chinese New Year and the end of the school year.

  • Meals in restaurants, ten-pin bowling, and visits to the theatre and cinema.

During half term holidays we go on trips to places of social, cultural and historic interest.  These may be day trips to art galleries and museums to help with school work and projects, or longer visits to a different part of the UK.


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